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General Downloads

Champagne Evening a Success at New Office Launch – June 2014

Estate Agents Handbook Code of Conduct – Nov 2012

Sectional Forum’s Body Corporates Trustees Pack – Nov 2012

Levy Interest and Administration Charges Resolution – June 2012

Circular Regarding the Cancellation and Lapsing of Real Rights of Extension in Sectional Title Schemes – May 2012

Lease Agreement between a Body Corporate and an Owner in respect of the leasing of Common Property by the Body Corporate to an Owner – May 2012


NAMA Downloads

Alan’s presentation to NAMA on how to deal with arrear levies with regard to, Deceased Owners, Sequestrated Owners and Liquidated Owners – May 2015

Alan’s presentation to NAMA on the New Sectional Title Management Rules – Mar 2012

Alan’s presentation to NAMA on Terminating your Tenant’s Electricity – Nov 2011


Management Agreement for Managing Agents who Manage Body Corporates

Management Agreement For Managing Agents Who Manage Body Corporates – Dec 2011


High Court Ruling against City of Johannesburg

High Court order against the COJ – Jan 2012


PAIA Downloads | Body Corporate’s

The Guide for Body Corporates – Nov 2011

BC’s Document 1 – PAIA Manual – Nov 2011

BC’s Document 2 – Form C – Nov 2011

BC’s Document 3 – Fee document – Nov 2011


PAIA Downloads | Home Owners Associations

The Guide for HOA’s – Nov 2011

HOA’s Document 1 – PAIA Manual – Nov 2011

HOA’s Document 2 – Form C – Nov 2011

HOA’s Document 3 – Fee document – Nov 2011