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At Alan Levy Attorneys we pride ourselves in this area and in the efficient and expeditious manner in which we assist Managing Agents and Body Corporates.

Our streamlined procedure allows for the prompt issuing of letters of demand, the subsequent issue of summons, the obtaining of swift judgments against owners and thereafter the speedy attachment of owners moveable property or of the actual unit. After that we sell such unit to satisfy the arrears owing to the Body Corporate.

Our monthly reporting procedure and monthly meetings with our clients facilitate our clients priding themselves in our performance and them being able to report to their clients with ease and confidence.


At Alan Levy Attorneys we arbitrate in Sectional Title matters on a wide array of issues from non payment by owners of levies to the Body Corporate to issues relating to pets and parking.

All arbitrations are handled by us in the most professional way and our record points to our experience in this area.


This department has an excellent track record in recouping rental on behalf of landlords from defaulting tenants.

Our full service enables our clients to employ a cost effective solution in recouping rentals owing to them by their tenants.

Our knowledge of the Rental Housing Act, the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and the By-Laws steer the process forward in many ways.


Here, Alan Levy Attorneys deal with issues such as can a landlord terminate the electrical supply being enjoyed by a tenant? As well as with the drafting of lease agreements and the making of lease agreements Consumer Protection Act compliant.

We also handle issues such as those pertaining to a tenant breaching the terms of a lease agreement and the landlord’s rights regarding the termination of such agreement.

We strive to furnish our clients with answers to their queries or with the documents they require on the same day of them requesting these from us.


At Alan Levy Attorneys we continuously and successfully act for landlords in having occupiers of properties evicted. The criteria laid down in the Prevention of Illegal Eviction and Occupation of Land Act being fully complied with.

Our knowledge and efficiency in this area ensures that our client’s receive the result they need, with the best possible service in the least possible time.