How to Register An Information Officer For POPIA and PAIA

POPIA and PAIA are two terms that South African businesses have had to familiarise themselves with over the last couple of years. In order to stay compliant, it’s important to register an information officer that will act as a point of contact between your business and the Information Regulator. If you’re only just starting to […]

What is a Sectional Title and What Does a Sectional Title Agreement Look Like?

Sectional title agreements are an important aspect of setting a good foundation for the management and regulation of common property. As market leaders in conveyancing, property law, property litigation, evictions and rent collections we deal with these and other agreements on a daily basis, and know how important it is to make sure they cover […]

Restraint of Trade and its Impact on Employees

An employee should be very wary when signing an employment contract that contains a restraint of trade clause. A restraint of trade clause is inserted in an employment contract when an employer is of the belief that the company has a proprietary interest that needs protection. The proprietary interests of the company pertain to things […]

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