Community Schemes

Community Scheme Attorneys in Johannesburg, the Gauteng and South Africa

The Department specializes in assisting in all legal aspects of Sectional Title Schemes, Homeowners Associations, Share Blocks and other Community Schemes.

The Department is diverse in the services that it offers to its clients, which include, but is not limited to dispute resolution, contracts, legal opinions, scheme compliance, labour issues, advise on legislation and training.

Client service, dynamic staff and exceptional turn around times, is what sets ALA’s community schemes department apart from other law firms and keeps clients coming back.

We stay up to date and informed of the current laws pertaining to community schemes, which ensures that our clients are protected and operating within the scope of the law.

Services offered by the Community Schemes Department

Conduct Rules

Our conduct rules encapsulate protection for the Body Corporate in multiple scenarios. We have rules for cannabis, Airbnb, slaughtering of animals, disaster management and POPIA.


Owners fighting with owners, trustees having grievances with other trustees? Searching for a fast and effective resolution mechanism. We can settle your disputes fast and fairly.


Before putting pen to paper, have our legal eye and knowledge settle your schemes contracts and avoid the repercussions of poorly drafted and non-compliant clauses.

Legal Opinions

Need a written legal opinion from a trusted source? We provide legal  opinions on a wide array of legal matters.

CSOS (Community Schemes Ombud Services)

Reap the rewards of having our expertise in drafting your application to CSOS. Have the security of knowing our expertise has prepared your response to a CSOS application brought against you.


Wanting to terminate a scheme employee’s employment and not sure what to do? We can help! Scheme employees taking the scheme executives to the CCMA? Turn to us for guidance.

Scheme compliance

Legislation is constantly changing. Let us take care of your Schemes POPIA and PAIA Manuals, Covid Workplans and disclaimers with infectious desease cover.

Advice on legislation

Know the law and feel secure following the law! We will advise you and refer you directly to the relevant Acts, pin pointing exactly what is required of you and your clients in particular scenarios.


Time to replace your archaic Articles of Association with a new comprehensive MOI professionally drafted by Alan Levy Inc. with a matching set off modern Estate Rules.


Has an owner built with no approved plans? Is an owner intimidating and harassing the trustees? We can help!


Unsure how to manage an upcoming owner’s meeting? Have us assist in calling and chairing the meeting. Our expertise will settle the nerves of all parties present and steer the meeting to a successful conclusion.


Turn to us for professional training for your Portfolio Managers, Trustees and Directors.

Sectional Title and Homeowners Associations Dispute Resolution

The Department manages dispute resolution, conciliations and adjudications in Sectional Title and Homeowners Association matters on a wide array of issues, from non-payment by owners of levies to the Body Corporate or HOA to issues relating to non-compliance with the rules, in cases such as alterations and additions, parties, pets and parking.

All adjudications are handled by us in the most professional way and our record points to our experience and success in this area.

Our team attends to and manages all matters, on your behalf, at the Community Schemes Ombuds office in Johannesburg, Gauteng and anywhere in South Africa in terms of the new legislation, the Community Schemes Ombud Services Act and the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act.

We manage and assist in many areas, such as :

  • Registrations of schemes
  • Lodgement of governance documentation
  • Annual returns
  • Amendment and submission of Conduct & Management Rules
  • Advise on CSOS fee and Reserve Fund
  • Obtaining plans and rules from the Ombuds Office, the Registrar of Deeds and the Surveyor General
  • 10 Year Maintenance Plans envisaged in the new Community Schemes Department
  • And many more case specific items

Community Schemes Team

Alan Levy

Alan Levy


Trisha Pillay
Head of Department

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