Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution Attorneys in Johannesburg, the Gauteng and South Africa

The Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department specializes in all elements of commercial, property and general litigation on behalf of its clients.

The Department has been highly effective in the recovery of corporate recoveries, municipal recoveries and is astute in complex matters where technical defenses are raised.

The Department has expertise in dealing with all matters of any nature, has reported judgments and has succeeded in The Supreme Court of Appeal and The Constitutional Court.

The Department has enjoyed a strong success rate in opposed and urgent matters and litigates efficiently in the High, Regional and Magistrates Court. It has tailormade reporting mechanisms to suit each client’s needs.

Highly effective corporate recoveries, municipal recoveries and is astute in complex matters where technical defenses are raised.

Attempt at resolution by having a roundtable meeting

This approach is best suited for a scenario where the client desires an amicable resolution to the current issues. The purpose is to demonstrate that the situation is serious and that should no amicable resolution be reached litigation shall follow. The parties are required to attend to a round table meeting and thereafter an agreement on the future relationship of the parties is reached.

Legal proceedings (Summons or Application)

A summons or an application is issued based on the nature of the dispute.


Once judgment has been granted, the department will contact the client and advise them on the best possible steps to recover its debt. This may entail attaching the debtor’s movable property, bank accounts, or immovable property.


At Alan Levy Attorneys, Notaries & Conveyancers, we continuously and successfully act on behalf of landlords in having unlawful occupiers of properties evicted. The criteria laid down in the Prevention of Illegal Eviction and Occupation of Land Act being fully complied with.

Our knowledge and efficiency in this area ensures that our clients receive the result they need, with the best possible service in the least possible time.

Rental Recoupment

We have an excellent track record in effectively recouping rental on behalf of landlords from defaulting tenants.

Our full service enables our clients to employ a cost effective solution in recouping rentals owing to them, by their tenants.

Our knowledge of the Rental Housing Act, the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and the associated By-Laws steer the process forward in many ways.

Landlord / Tenant Law

The department is responsible for drafting lease agreements and ensures that every lease agreement complies with the Consumer Protection Act.

Here, we also deal with matters like

  • Whether a landlord can terminate the electrical supply being enjoyed by a tenant?
  • Tenants breaching the terms of their lease agreement, as well as
  • The landlords rights regarding the termination of such agreement

Our aim is to supply a same-day turnaround time to our clients in terms of queries and document requirements.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution Department

Alan Levy

Alan Levy

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