POPI & PAIA Pack Special

Dear Managing Agent

  1. We have launched a SPECIAL ON OUR POPIA AND PAIA PACK for Schemes that to date are NOT compliant and do NOT have a pack.
  2. It is important to remind these Scheme Executives, that non-compliance with the POPIA can attract large fines for the Scheme and that it is a criminal offence not to make a PAIA Manual available. It also impacts on the legality of you, as the Managing Agent processing the Schemes information, and puts you at risk of being reported and penalized.
  3. For this Friday, 6 August 2021 only, Schemes may place an order with ALA and receive a 33% discount on the pack. The fee will therefore be reduced from R1400.00 to R940.00, ex VAT.
  4. Please return the attached spreadsheet with your orders. Hoping that your relevant Schemes take up this offer and become POPIA and PAIA compliant.
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