Circular 56 – Have all your ducks in a row! Properly preparing for CSOS Applications

Dear Valued Managing Agent

  1. It is important to carefully read the attached CSOS Practice Directives on Dispute Resolution, 1 August 2019 and 23 June 2020.
  2. The 23 June 2020 Directive states:
    – Para 8.2 – Adjudications will be conducted based on papers filed by the parties and further written submissions, documents and information requested by the Adjudicator;
    – Para 8.6 – The Adjudicator will consider the application and the answer to the application;
    – Para 8.7 – The Adjudicator will request final submissions/written argument from both parties, and then decide the matter.
  3. In light of the above, and from our experience, we advise that it is crucial for Community Schemes/Managing Agents, when submitting/replying to applications to CSOS, to properly apply their minds and to include ALL supportive factual, legal and evidentiary material.
  4. Not doing so, can be the difference between winning and losing and can affect the occupants and the pocket of the scheme.
  5. Take the time to carefully and comprehensively draft and manicure your CSOS papers OR allow us to assist you and experience the results!
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