Circular 57 – Successfully collecting arrear levies! Applications to the High Court to terminate electricity

Dear Valued Managing Agent

  1. As a FAST AND EFFECTIVE TOOL, we are more and more successfully, applying to the High Court, to TERMINATE THE ELECTRICITY OF OWNERS IN ARREARS, limit their water and obtain judgement against them for payment of the arrears.
  2. In the past, these applications have been more effortlessly granted by the Judges of the High Court, but as of late, certain Judges are requiring more of what one can only term “compliance documentation”.
  3. We therefore suggest, for any applicable Schemes, that an item be placed on the agenda of the upcoming Trustees/Owners meetings, that the Body Corporate must, in the Trustees discretion, instruct ourselves to bring the above Court applications. 
  4. These notices of meetings and their minutes can then be forwarded to us, for inclusion as annexures in the applications to Court.
  5. It will also assist us, if provision is made in the Conduct Rules of the Scheme, for the above applications. You are welcome to contact our offices to have us provide this rule, to any Scheme, in need of it.
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