Circular 59 – Has there ever been a more important time to execute a valid will

Dear Valued Managing Agent

  1. It is crucial that every person execute a valid written Will.  At the very least the Will appoints an Executor to take care of their affairs when they pass on and appoints beneficiaries to inherit from them.
  2. National Wills Week is on our doorstep and runs from 13 – 17 September 2021. ALA have put together the below packages to assist parties to execute a simple Will at an affordable price.
  3. The product is being offered to Managing Agents, for them, their staff and families and is available via 2 invoicing mechanisms:
    – ALA will invoice the parties ordering directly and on payment, provide the Wills;
    – Preferably, ALA will invoice the Managing Agency for all the parties ordering and on payment, provide the Wills.
  4. The more orders from the Managing Agent, the lower the price will be: 1 – 3 Wills, R1 199.00 per Will, 4 – 6 Wills, R1 099.00 per Will, 7 – 9 Wills, R999.00 per Will, 10 Wills and above R899.00 per Will and 20 Wills and above, R799.00 per Will. Prices excl. VAT. The price covers a simple Will. An additional fee will apply for a complex Will.
  5. We would very much appreciate if you would forward this circular to all your staff and advise as to who would like to execute a will with our office.
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