Circular 60 – When to tell CSOS to reject an owner’s application

Dear Valued Managing Agent

  1. Section 42 of the CSOS Act provides that the CSOS must reject an application, if the relief sought is not within the jurisdiction of the CSOS OR the CSOS is satisfied that the dispute should be dealt with in a Court.
  2. Paragraph 12.3 of the CSOS Practice Directive, 1 August 2019 on Dispute Resolution provides that the CSOS can reject an application if the dispute is part of or closely related to existing proceedings in a Court.
  3. Should you/your Community Schemes receive a CSOS Application in respect of a matter which is already with our offices, or other Attorneys, in respect of arrear levy collections, or any other matter, kindly inform us of this.
  4. We will then inform the CSOS of their obligation to reject the application, in terms of the above Section 42 and Paragraph 12.3 of the Practice Directive.

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